Children's Book:

Click to learn more about "The Adventure of the Tall Giraffe and the Short Duck", a book authored by Dr. Jacobs. Proceeds are donated to Healing House for Grieving Children.

Fun Facts

Want to impress your friends with your random knowledge? Here are some fun facts we picked just for you!


  • Red toothbrushes are more popular than blue toothbrushes?

  • Using toothpaste with fluoride can help you avoid cavities?

  • A toothpick is one of the most common items choked on?

  • Flamingos eat with their heads upside down?

  • Only your lower jaw moves while you eat?

  • Monkeys & Apes use twigs to care for their teeth? Ouch!

  • The toothbrush was invented over 500 years ago? Someone please tell those monkeys to upgrade their twigs!

  • Minnows have teeth inside their throats, not inside their jaws?

  • An elephant will FINALLY get its last set of teeth at age 23?

  • A ring was constructed out of a tooth from Sir Isaac Newton?

  • Left-handed people chew their food on the left-side of their mouths?

  • Ants can carry up to 50% of their body weight with their MOUTHS?!